Retail Credit Department

  • Murabaha

Key strengths

► Fully Sharia compliant
► Financial assistance for individuals, companies and employees
► Schemes available for purchased and leased vehicles

Al Yousuf’s Retail Credit Division runs a very successful finance scheme for rented, leased and purchased vehicles, called Murabaha. Translated from Arabic, Murabaha means a sale on mutually agreed profit. Technically, it is a contract of sale in which the seller declares both cost and profit, and the buyer agrees to pay the total amount in staggered instalments.

All Murabaha contracts and agreements comply with the requirements of Shariah Law, and often, are different from conventional documentation, to the benefit of customers.

The Murabaha Ideal Car Purchase allows customers to buy any vehicle, boats, outboard motors, motorcycles; etc. from any of our showrooms, and pay for it over a series of periodic installments at an agreed price. This scheme is ideal for expatriates and Emiratis who are employed with salary transfers assigned to any bank in the UAE or for self employed applicants.

The Lease and Rental edition of Murabaha caters to business entities registered and operating in the UAE for more than one year.

For all Al Yousuf employees who have completed their stipulated probation period, Murabaha offers financial assistance on old and new cars, with convenient monthly instalments that cost less than 50% of their earnings.