Al Yousuf GreenTech

  • Varbatim LED Lights by Mitsubishi
  • LG LED Lights
  • AGT Solar lights
  • Theben Sensors
  • CJC Switches & Lights
  • Berker Switches
  • City Design Outdoor Urban designs

Key strengths

► Globally renowned Partners
► Complete Energy Saving Solutions
► Design, Install and Service
► Experienced Sales, Design and Technical Teams
► Excellent after sales service


Al Yousuf GreenTech (AGT) is one of the leading companies able to provide exceptional energy saving solutions through multiple leading brands to fulfill today’s highly demanding market in terms of saving and monitoring energy in any building that we occupy. AGT provides complete building and home automation using the expertise with some of the leading brands in the business.

Our products range from an entire range of Indoor & Outdoor LED Lighting, Lighting & Climate Controls and Energy Efficient Air-Conditioners in addition to different Solar applications that include Solar Lighting and Solar Golf Cars. All our brands share the same features; Energy saving and high quality and it all comes with the warranty and excellent after sales service of Al Yousuf GreenTech.

AGT has completed many projects from Hotels to Government Departments to Private businesses and Home owners ensuring the highest standards and after sales service as promised.

When it comes to our customer’s expectations, we always aim for the top quality, cost efficient products that are made by well experienced hands, quality materials, innovative research team using the latest technologies and after sales service all around the clock. We also provide in-house finance for any Yamaha boat - interest free, to make your purchase much more comfortable.



  • Indoor LED Lights
    • Bulbs & Candles
    • MR16 & Strip lights
    • PAR & AR
    • Down lights, Tubes & Flat Panels
    • High bay lights
    • Decorative LED Lights
    • Accessories
  • Outdoor LED Lights
    • Street lights
    • Parks & Gardens lights with flexible solar panels
    • Solar lights up to 8 meters high
    • Flood lights
  • Electrical Controls
    • Light sensors
    • Climate Control
    • Timers & Dimmers
  • Switches
    • Plastic switches
    • Aluminum switches
    • Switches with LED Lights
  • Urban Designs Structures for
    • LED lighting
    • Solar Stations for parking lots
    • Benches
    • Fences
    • Recycling rubbish bins



Verbatim LED Lighting

Verbatim is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC), the largest chemical company in Japan, with more than 60 years’ experience developing lighting materials technology.

The Verbatim brand has been recognized for its role in data storage technology, now Verbatim expanded its product range to include LED lights. Verbatim introduced a range of retrofit LED bulbs that will be joined by OLED panels at a later stage. These products are initially focused on the B-to-B channel, where return on investment and improved light quality are key drivers for ongoing conversion to solid-state lighting (SSL).

Verbatim has many future developments aimed at the commercial user, including higher color rendering (CRI) and tunable color temperature products. These products are under development at present time.

LG LED Lighting

LG electronics is a globally recognized brand leader providing comprehensive LED lighting solutions to efficiently, effectively, and environmentally support a wide array of lighting requirements.

Through LED lighting, LG electronics continues to enrich lives by offering products that create a more comfortable, enjoyable, and sustainable atmosphere - in the home, office, store, or facility.

LG electronics is a trusted manufacturer, dedicated to the delivery of quality products and the service that goes with being a global leader in innovation.

AGT Solar Lights

AGT solar lights provides semi-flexible monocrystalline silicon solar panels and chargers, Solid and flexible solar LED street up to 8 meters & garden lights up to 6 meters, solar power supply system, BIPV system and LED outdoor. The products are produced in China and can be customized according to the customer’s design and style.


The main activity of the company is the design and manufacturing of design switch panels and control panels for the operation of lighting circuits and other electrical appliances.

Since its foundation in 1994, CJC Systems has grown at a steady pace. The founders of CJC (Cappelle, Jaecques, Canniere) have expanded the range of products with innovative design switch panels with round, square and flat push-buttons with led control lighting.

The company is since considerable time well known among architects, interior designers and electrical installers for stylishly designed switch panels, control panels and socket outlets.


Berker is on the one hand a company with a strong sense of tradition, and on the other hand an international approved design brand. Based in Germany’s Sauerland region, since 1919 we have been manufacturing switches and systems to timeless quality and design standards. For this, its products have won many prizes over the years, and today can be found in some of the most exciting buildings in the world.

City Design

City Design is a prestigious leading brand in the street furniture sector, with a wide and varied range of solutions designed and created using advanced technology. A constant focus on research and development means offering both public and private clients increasingly innovative products; customised solutions for street lighting and street furniture, with ranges that combine classic and modern styles.



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