Al Yousuf Motors

  • Daihatsu (cars and commercial vehicles)
  • Yamaha (boats, motorcycles, watercraft, marine and outboard engines, generators)
  • Daewoo (buses)
  • Brilliance
  • Murabaha (finance scheme)
  • Accessories

Key strengths

► Extensive portfolio of passenger, commercial and leisure vehicles
► Commendable experience of over 50 years representing international brands in the UAE
► Well established infrastructure and support systems including service centers, spare parts centers, and after sales services
►Dedicated retail space for accessories at unique ‘store within a store’ concept in 10 locations
► Trained and certified professionals ensure all aspects of customer service from sales through to service and warranties

Al Yousuf Motors was established more than 40 years ago, in 1969, with the domestic franchise of Daihatsu Motors of Japan. Since then, the company has strengthened immeasurably, and grown into a solid enterprise that is renowned for its network of showrooms, comprehensive service and parts center, and above all, strong customer relationships.

A key factor of our success is the unique ‘store within a store’ concept, dedicated to selling original bikes and biking accessories that are sourced from over 40 leading suppliers in 25 countries.

Over the years, our name has come to be associated with trust, reliability and success, and these remain main advantages for our international partners. Meanwhile, we constantly seek opportunities to foster and build associations with new global brands who are looking to expand into local markets.

Al Yousuf Motors will be the innovator for lifestyle reflections which concurrently bring absolute satisfaction and happiness to our valuable customers, employees and shareholders, and in doing so, will emerge as a market leader.


Al Yousuf Motors is committed to providing a comprehensive solution to customers by continuously supplying them with reliable, economical, and high quality products and services.


Al Yousuf Motors has grown Daihatsu into a popular brand in the UAE, and for over 40 years, has continued to offer sensible choices in family cars.

Other key advantages for customers include service centers located across the UAE and quick access to spare parts, available locally.

  • Passenger cars / SUVs
    • Terios
    • Sirion
  • Commercial vehicles
    • 1.0 ton Pickups
    • Water tankers


Al Yousuf Motors has represented Korea's leading bus manufacturer and world leader, Daewoo, in the UAE for many years.

Daewoo produces over 6,000 buses every year, and manages every step of the development process from design through to final assembly, ensuring full quality control - at every stage of production. The Daewoo name has gained great respect as a reliable, cost effective bus - even in harsh desert climates - and is now a regular feature on the roads of the UAE.

All Daewoo buses exceed international standards for safety, ergonomics, passenger and driver comfort, and environmental considerations. Al Yousuf Motors stocks a wide range of models - ranging from simple city buses to luxurious touring coaches, and special buses featuring low decks and wheelchair ramps for easy access.


Al Yousuf Motors has represented Yamaha Motor Company in the United Arab Emirates for more than 50 years. During this period, our network has grown to include over 30 sales outlets, workshops and spare parts centers across the UAE.

Al Yousuf Motors stocks the entire portfolio of Yamaha’s land and marine products, ranging from motorcycles to boats, and engines to golf carts.

Our dedicated Yamaha teams are equipped to handle all customer needs, from sales and service, to ideas and advice on the usage of products as per governing rules and regulations.

  • Marine products
    • Outboard motors (OBM)
    • Personal Water Crafts - WaveRunners
    • Sports, fishing & commercial FRP boats
  • Land products
    • All-terrain vehicles (ATV) & Recreational Off-road Vehicle (ORV)
    • Motorcycles
    • Golf carts
  • Power Products
    • Power generators

Yamaha Club
The Yamaha Club is a private initiative of Al Yousuf Motors, serving loyal customers and clients for over 10 years.

The Club aims to link together individuals with shared passions and common interests, who can interact together and help each other, or, simply enjoy using their Yamaha products.

Our regular activities include events that are held for members and their families, either in the water, or in the great outdoors, in a safe and fun environment. Members of the Yamaha Club also receive numerous benefits such as preview prices, a quarterly newsletter, access to a message board and discussion forums.


With 10 years development, Brilliance Auto has been working with BMW, PORSCHE, TOYOTA and other famous enterprises in the world wide market, bringing in the world’s leading technology and experience of management. Brilliance is a leading automotive group in China with a vision to become amongst the best selling automotive manufacturers in the world. More than 35,000 employees help create a revolutionary line up of vehicles including sedan, SUVs, minibuses, minivans, light trucks and pickups. And now Alyousuf Motors brings you this wide range, available at all our Alyousuf motors showrooms across the UAE.

Our unique in-house service, Murabaha, is a fully Sharia’a compliant finance scheme for new (and used) cars.  Extremely popular among residents of the UAE, the tiers of Murabaha apply to lease finance, and employee car finance schemes, apart from individual purchases.A revolutionary in-house finance is also provided to serve a variety of discerning marine and land product customers.

Set up in 2005 as a full-fledged retail operation Al Yousuf Motor Accessories stocks main street bikes, off road bikes, marine safety gear, protection and branded apparel from over 40 suppliers in 25 countries. This includes exclusive representation for genuine parts from globally renowned brands Yamaha and Suzuki.

Serving as a ‘one stop shop’ in the UAE and across the GCC for bike riders, professional racers, marine enthusiasts and sports fans, Al Yousuf Motor Accessories also serves a bevy of corporate and government organisations like Dubai Police, Abu Dhabi Police, the UAE Ministry of Defence, Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), Special Forces and local bike clubs.

This unique concept of a ‘store within a store’ has 14 locations within the Al Yousuf Motors showrooms across the UAE.

  • Bikes, accessories and apparel
    • Yamaha
    • Suzuki
    • Nolan
    • Fox
    • Clover
    • TCX
    • RTM
    • Scott
    • Metzeler
    • Slippry
    • Riva
  • Protection gear
    • Helmets
    • Riding shoes
    • Jackets
    • Safety gear
    • Life vests
  • Bike Accessories
    • Crash protectors
    • Enhancements

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