Al Yousuf Real Estate

  • Leasing and management
Key strengths

► Balanced portfolio of commercial and residential buildings
► Locations spread across middle and upper tier communities across UAE
► Full-fledged subsidiary acts as real estate agency for division and other clients   

Buying and managing real estate has been a mainstay of the Al Yousuf Group for more than 61 years. The history of Al Yousuf Real Estate draws from this solid background in realty, as well as its rich legacy of trading.

Today, Al Yousuf Real Estate owns a handsome portfolio, is balanced in its mix of commercial and residential premises, and is spread across key locations in the UAE. It is also one of the most profitable business units of the Al Yousuf Group.

We are currently focused on updating our existing portfolio with amenities and facilities that are designed to provide increased comfort and leisure options to our tenants.

Supported by a professional team and dynamic infrastructure, Al Yousuf Real Estate is forging ahead with several ongoing and proposed new projects.


A full-fledged subsidiary, Aresta, conducts all our leasing, letting, and selling transactions.
A popular real estate agency, Aresta has many thousand tenants on its books at any given time - both for properties owned by Al Yousuf Real Estate, as well as for other commercial enterprises and charitable organisations.

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