Al Yousuf Agricultural & Landscaping

  • ZinCo Green Roof Systems

Key strengths

► Pioneering concept
► Promoting ecologically sound solutions   
► Comprehensive range of services

Established in October 2008, Al Yousuf Agricultural & Landscaping is a company which focuses on the supply of green roof systems and also provides technical assistance to all our clients from design stages up to installation supervision.

We are the exclusive agency for ZinCo Green Roof in the region and the best representations of our work can be seen at the Al Shaqab Equestrian Club in Doha; Al Shaheed Park – Kuwait; Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank –Abu Dhabi and Al Jalila Children Hospital – Dubai.

Modern green roofs were introduced more than 30 years ago in Germany, and are rapidly becoming popular additions to buildings around the world.

Green roofing systems

A green roof is a surface that is specifically designed to accommodate vegetation and human usage. Examples include specialty gardens, terrace gardens, patios, play areas, ponds and driveways.

Apart from creating new utility/usable space, green roofs have numerous ecological and economic advantages including extended roof life expectancy, sound and thermal insulation, natural habitats for flora and fauna, water retention, climate moderation, pollution reduction, and visual enhancement.

Modern green roofs were introduced almost 30 years ago in Germany, and are rapidly becoming popular additions to buildings around the world.

Advantages of green roofs

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Attractive appearance
  • Imitates nature
  • Superior technology
  • Superior environmental benefits
  • Cost-effective

ZinCo GmbH

ZinCo Group is an international pioneer in designing and manufacturing green roof systems for high density urban areas. Since our inception in 1957, we have led the industry's growth and advancement by developing environmentally smart solutions that reduce urban heat island effect and improve storm water management. Our award winning products and systems help clients develop stunning landscapes that are earth-friendly by conserving energy and producing cleaner air and water in urban areas.



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