Al Yousuf Real Estate

For over 61 years, Al Yousuf Group has been buying and managing real estate. A core part of the company’s business, Al Yousuf Real Estate draws on this solid background for its activities today.

Al Yousuf Real Estate boasts a rich legacy in trading, and owns a handsome portfolio, a balanced mix of commercial and residential premises. Our properties are spread across the UAE, providing customers the benefit of being in the country’s key locations.

– ARESTA is a full-fledged subsidiary, conducting all our leasing, letting, and selling transactions.

– AYICO conducts Building Maintenance, and has an excellent performance record.

– AY Property Guard & Surveillance Services conducts Security & Surveillance Systems installation and maintenance, Security Control & Alarm Equipment Trading, Security Devices, Equipment Trading, Property Guard, & Surveillance Services.

Supported by a professional team and dynamic infrastructure, Al Yousuf Real Estate is forging ahead with several ongoing and proposed new projects.

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