Corporate Social Responsibility

Integrated into Emirati Society

The Al Yousuf Group is fully committed to ensuring the best interests of our clients, employees, shareholders and society at large by practical implementations of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles.

Our approach to CSR is driven by the values that determine the way in which we do business. We are committed to respect for people, clients and community and the role of work in their lives; sharing our knowledge and expertise to develop sustainable workforce practices, and striving for excellence through inclusive working environments. We believe in sustainable development and our business decisions are based not merely on financial factors, but also, on various social consequences. As a direct result, many of our companies are engaged in events that boost and bolster the betterment of society, community and environment.

Al Yousuf continues to be a source of aid and support to various social, humanitarian, charitable and environmental activities conducted in the UAE.

Principal commitments

Best School Website: Run in collaboration with the UAE Ministry of Education, the competition involved all secondary and preparatory level schools in the country. We also sponsored desktops and other electronic devices for all winners.

The Juvenile Association: We were among the major sponsors of a campaign organised by the Juvenile Association, banning indecent and immoral satellite content. Operating under the slogan “Say No To Unpleasant Satellite Channels”, and run under the auspices of Dubai Police, the program worked to draw attention to the negative effects of certain satellite channels on children, and morality in Emirati society.

Urss Al Amal/ Wedding of Hope: We are actively engaged in sponsoring and organising campaigns that benefit people with special needs, and especially in arranging weddings between them so that they can share their lives together.

My Identity, Loyalty and Belonging: The Al Yousuf Group was at the forefront of supporting the UAE wide campaign for national integrity among Emiratis.

Beach Cleaning: An ongoing activity that engages our employees in environmentally conscious responsibilities, especially in the emirate of Sharjah.