Al Yousuf Motors supports UAE athletes with their best products

    Al Yousuf Motors have proven their leadership and commitment to excellence, not only in the manufacturing of boats and water bikes, but also in the competition arena. They are proud to sponsor a variety of athletes in the UAE, supporting them to meet their targets and emerge as winners. Extending this support through their product range, the company recently launched a new generation water sports bike – Wave Runner GP1800 – which combines the best of the external body with the trusted, high-performing Yamaha engine. The Wave Runner GP1800 offers increased levels of security, safety, and better technology via better command and control of the system.

    Supporting the UAE Champions

    Based on the strategy adopted by Al Yousuf Motors to support and encourage talented sportspersons in the UAE, they have announced their sponsorship, for the third year in a row, for the emirates champion jet ski rider Ali Al Najawi. The sponsorship extends to all local and international competitions for 2017, and includes a clause where the company will provide the latest water bike, like the Wave Runner GP1800, and all accessories, as well as the supporting technical team. In addition, they will also provide the rider with technical support and maintenance for all equipment during workouts and races.

    Speaking about the sponsorship, Mohammed Iqbal Yousuf, Vice President, Marketing, Al Yousuf Motors, said, “Al Yousuf Motors is proud of the achievements of the hero Ali Al Najawi. We have achieved a lot of victories, and he has become a source of pride to the United Arab Emirates, and its people. We are honoured and privileged to be supporting him in his sporting endeavours. This is part of our ongoing effort to support impressive athletic talents, as part of our commitment to the sporting institutions and society.”

    Al Najawi continued his brilliant performance in the World Championships with the Yamaha bike, taking first place in 2016 in the professional category in Sweden, and the Pacific Championships in Estonia. Al Najawi also participated in the last World Championship in October in America, and won two silver medals, and competed in a number of different European tournaments.

    Al Najawi expressed appreciation and gratitude to Al Yousuf Motors for providing substantial technical and other support during and after the tournament. He stressed that his access to global event, and his consequent successes, would not have been possible without the support of the company.

    Al Najawi also stressed that he has a positive outlook for the next sporting season, with the Wave Runner GP1800, in upcoming tournaments, including the Emirates Championship Jet Ski tours, taking place in the clubs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah; the second Dubai marathon in 2017, and the Bahrain Marathon in October 2017, in addition to championships like the Europe Jet Ski (AGSBI), and the world championship in Arizona in October 2017.

    Talking about the Wave Runner GP1800, he explained that it was giving him the advantage of a lighter weight and ease of control while turning at high speeds. The response time and throttle, going from zero to 70 miles, was another element that he is enjoying.

    Future rising stars

    Al Yousuf has extended its support to other upcoming athletes in the age group of 14 to 16 years, believing that the commitment to excellence starts young, and talent needs to be nurtured through the generations.

    Emerging rider Sultan Al Hammadi is delighted with his performance in the last two years, and expressed deep appreciation for the support form Al Yousuf Motors. He is proud to represent his home country on the international podium, and looks forward to flying the UAE flag high.

    The company also sponsors emerging rider Salman Younis Al-Awadhi, who stressed that, in addition to the financial support, the moral support and encouragement he receives bring him closer to achieving his ambitions of winning first place in the World Championship for professionals in the

    It is worth mentioning that for over 60 years, Al Yousuf Motors has been the exclusive distributors of Yamaha products, ranging from motorcycles and vehicles, golf carts to outboard motors of boats and jet skis. The company has established more than 30 different outlets, workshops, and spare parts centers across the UAE, specifically for clients of Yamaha, in addition to the Al Yousuf Yamaha Boats Factory, the only one of its kind in the Middle East and Africa.