Daewoo Bus

    Al Yousuf Motors has had a long-standing relationship with Korea's leading bus manufacturer and world leader, Daewoo, in the UAE for many years. Daewoo produces over 6,000 buses every year, and manages every step of the development process, from design through to final assembly, ensuring full quality control at every stage of production.

    The Daewoo name has gained great respect as a reliable, cost effective bus – even in harsh desert climates – and is now a regular feature on the roads of the UAE. All Daewoo buses exceed international standards for safety, ergonomics, passenger, and driver comfort, and environmental considerations.

    Al Yousuf Motors stocks a wide range of models – ranging from simple city buses to luxurious touring coaches, and special buses featuring low decks and wheelchair ramps for easy access. Daewoo buses are available in 2 models of 9 mtrs and 11 mtrs in length, with 4 variants, both in school and staff versions.

    The Daewoo 9 mtr GDW bus is made in their state-of-the-art facility in Guilin, China, and is powered by Superior Doosan 240 HP, Euro 2 Engine from South Korea.

    The Daewoo 11 mtr new BS106 bus is made in their state-of-the-art facility in Ulsan, Korea, and is powered by the superior Doosan 240 HP, Euro 2 Engine from South Korea.

    Both the versions use standard aggregates from Doosan, S&T from Korea.

    The Daewoo GDW comes with a max seating capacity of 45 Seats, and the Daewoo New BS106 comes with a 60-seat capacity. Both models are also equipped with Doosan Euro3 engine as optional. For complete corrosion protection, the buses are fully electro-static painted.