It takes courage to do something never done before. Sinotruk has a history of courage, having been the ones who made the first heavy duty truck in China. Today, the company boasts of being China’s largest heavy duty truck manufacturing and export base. And they are in the UAE, thanks to Al Yousuf Commercial Vehicles.

    Sinotruk recently launched the A7 Premium Model and Howo Mid Model, with 4 variants. Both models have been well-received and are very popular, not only in the Middle East, but across the world.

    Both the A7 and HOWO are mature trucks, with a higher value for a competitive price. The variations include the A7 4×2 Tractor, A7 8×4 Mixer, HOWO 6×4 Chassis, and the HOWO and A7 6×4 Mixer.

    The key features of the trucks include:

    * All models are equipped with powerful Steyr 420 HP engines, with a max torque of 1820 NM

    * All models are equipped with standard 10 Speed Gearbox

    * All models come with standard single bunk or double bunk cabin for better driver ergonomics

    * The 4 x 2 Tractor and 6 x 4 Chassis come with Hub Reduction Technology, whereas the 8×4 has single reduction technology

    Sinotruk is the first heavy duty truck manufacturer in China, and has the accolade of being the country’s number 1 exporter for heavy duty trucks for 10 consecutive years. With a production capacity of 300,000 trucks per year, Sinotruk is a force to be reckoned with.

    Sinotruk, which has previously partnered with Steyr from Austria and Volvo, is partly owned by MAN Germany, who own 26% of the company’s shares.